ACH Bank Draft

 ACH bank draft automatically drafts your account to pay your association dues each month. ACH bank draft will draft around the 5th of each month, avoiding have to write a check each month. To sign up for ACH draft, fill out and return the form below with a voided check of the account to our office. To cancel your bank draft, fill out and return the ACH cancellation form below. To have your draft removed, we will need the cancellation form before the first of the month.  

* Please note any changes must be submitted/received 7 days prior to month's end to take effect.  Bank draft form

Credit Card or E-Check

 To pay with a credit card or e-check click here.  If you pay with an e-check, the service is FREE.  If you use a credit card there is a bank imposed processing fee.  You can use this option for making single payments or to set up recurring payments.  NOTE:  This option requires that you re-authorize payment withdrawal every 12 months AND if there is a fee increase, you are required to log-in and change the withdrawal amount.  To avoid the inconvenience re-authorizing and updating fee information every 12 months, sign up for the ACH option above. 

* Please note the bank charges a fee for credit card processing

Coupon Book


If you are a new homeowner or a current homeowner who is in need of a coupon book please email your mailing address, property address, and name to

NOTE:  It may take up to 30 days for your coupon book to arrive in your mail.  If you need to make an immediate payment, please make your check payable to your association, include your account number (unit number) on your check, and mail it to:  Association Name, C/O EREM Inc., P.O. Box 105007, Atlanta, GA  30348-5007.