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Management Services
  • Is your community in need of professional management?
  • Does your Board of Directors need guidance and support from industry experts?
  • Do you need assistance in developing both an adequate Operating and Capital budget?
  • Are you receiving detailed monthly financial statements?
  • Who do your members call during an after hours emergency, such as a roof leak at 2am?
  • Are your restrictions being enforced and fairly?
  • Who is inspecting the contractors work and holding them accountable for such?
  • Do you have a preventive maintenance cycle?
  • Is there a central location that members, including Board Members, can go for association related information (minutes, unit files, financials, resolutions, etc...)?
  • Are you familiar with the Uniform Condominium Act of Alabama?
  • Who is double checking your master insurance coverage and liability insurance to ensure it is adequate?
  • Do you have newsletter communications updating the community on projects/events?

    Several community associations struggle with these very issues raised. Several Boards have lost great volunteers due to burn out. Budgets are adopted that are not realistic and therefore are detrimental to the well being of the association. Uninsured contractors are doing work in these associations which is not known until it is too late. Most communities experiencing these issues suffer from lack of guidance and support. Additionally, properly trained association management professionals are not in place to offer such.

    To Learn more about the "GOLD" standard in Association Management, and obtain a proposal, please call or fill out the proposal request from.

    3313 Memorial Parkway Suite 127
    Huntsville, AL 35801

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